19/03/22 – Urban trail adventuring this weekend in sunny Liverpool. On Team Manager and parenting duties and down here for a swimming competition. Whilst eldest at the pool I got time to stretch the legs and headed out to get my run done. Liverpool is completely new to me so some google map planning needed. I headed down through Sefton Park to Festival Park (where I found a rather grand sofa just randomly sitting on the path. I didn’t want to try sitting on it as it only had 7 legs. From here I found the River Mersey and headed west towards the city centre. Following the Transpennine Trail I passed a statue of John Hulley (Liverpool’s first Olympian), many anchors, got an impromptu rest when the yacht’s needed out the dock and path was raised (I also got a message from the other Team Manager to check I was ok as I’d stopped moving), then along to Albert Dock with its thousands of padlocks and finally the Beatles statue next to the Liver Building.

At this point I got a call from the pool and a request for shorts. Given none were packed I then had to do a detour into the city centre to buy some. Shorts stuffed in my back and off I went on my return leg and back to the swimming pool. This time though was with headwind. 24km done.