02/04/22 – Weekend adventuring part 1….today I jumped on the ScotRail train to head up to Rannoch. Friends were getting off at Corrour but I had a run to do so got off here to run to meet them. The route was well sign posted with little arrows and I met not a soul on the track. It was ups and downs on the track with lots of evidence of gorse burning (smell was still in the air). Great listening to the Run to the Hills podcast to keep me entertained. After about 14km I headed down towards the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel which is my room for the night. 16.5km done, amazing view from the window and quick change before part 2….

Adventure weekend Saturday part 2 (there isn’t much signal up here so can only post when at the Corrour Station House). Main part of the trip was heading up Beinn na Lap Munro for Fiona Outdoors ticking off her last Munro 🏔🥳. I ticked off no 4 😂. As I ran into Loch Ossian I could see the line of the group heading up hill. I had to march fast up the hill to catch them as they kept walking. Eventually caught them and found snow. I couldn’t help myself with an impromptu snow ❄️angel. At the summit it was time to celebrate Fi’s achievement with a wee glass of fizz nicely chilled in the snow. I was getting a bit cold so decided to run back down (I love downhills) to Loch Ossian Youth Hostel to get first into the shower and a nice cuppa. Once everyone was back it was a walk along from the hostel to Corrour Station House for dinner. The food was amazing, staff lovely and they even lit the chimnea for us to sit round. Such a lovely chilled evening.

Final part of my weekend adventure. I was staying in the Loch Ossian Hostelling Scotland hostel right on the banks of the Loch so stepped outside to this amazing view. Plan was a lap of the Loch but had unfinished business to take care of first.

On my run in yesterday the route plan said I’d run past Peters Rock (or Paul’s stone as I’d mistakenly called it) but I looked at every rock and couldn’t see it. So first stop was a run up the hill to find it and I did. Turns out the plaque is only visible from one direction 🤦‍♀️. With that ticked off it was back to my original plan. The Loch has a nice undulating path round it, winding through trees, passing horses and the shooting lodge, over cattle grids with little ladders for small animals and then back to the hostel.

With 12km done I knew it wasn’t enough for my training plan so headed down the 1.5km track to Corrour Station House. As soon as I arrived my phone started pinging as it was the only place with WiFi. Corrour station is the highest station in Britain and also the scene from Trainspotting with Leum Uilleim in the background.

Back to the hostel to pack, second breakfast at Corrour Station House (I recommend the scrambled egg roll), group pic and then back on the ScotRail train to Glasgow. It’s amazing where you can get to by train. Such a relaxing weekend….soon home to kiddos and chaos.

Ps. Always put proper running sock on. Although Aldi UK Christmas socks are funky and cosy they are not meant for running and give you blisters 🤦‍♀️