19/12/21 – What a morning! After seeing all the cloud inversion pictures yesterday I was after one today. Starting at 0800 hrs from Glengoyne Distillery we headed up Dumgoyne hill. We started in the cloud, with frosty trails and no view. Meeting a runner on his way down he said it was stunning at the top but we weren’t sure if he was being sarcastic (given the current non existent view) or it was. Only one way to find out…we kept going up. We broke through cloud and wow, wow, wow. It was breathtaking. At the summit we were above the cloud and could see sun rising to the east and moon setting to the west.

From here we went down the back of Dumgoyne, back into the cloud and made our way over to Earls Seat. Again, we climbed out of the cloud and could see for miles, it was so clear across the Campsies and beyond. The sun was lovely and warm and we could have been anywhere.

Now about turn and retraced our steps. We could see the top of Dumgoyne poking out in the distance but as we got closed it was engulfed by cloud, the frost was back, chill in the air and ice on the trails. We met some walkers and told them of the stunning views but not sure if they believed us but were heading up to find out. Instead of going back up and over Dumgoyne we skirted round the side and down to the sile. There we met a topless runner, he was brave! If you can (and local), climb a hill and try get to see the inversion. Distance 10.8km with 774m elevation gain.