15/01/22 – Today was a run with absolutely no views… zero, zilch, 0, nada. Starting in Blanefield at St Kessog’s church we headed along the pipe track and up Dumfoyn. It was my first run up this one and knew it was a quick down then up to Dumgoyne but couldn’t see it. Despite knowing the area well, the fog disguised it and hill the big hill that was in front of us. OS map app out for a check and we knew where we were going. We didn’t go the most direct route and ended up climbing up a gorge instead of the normal trail up the back of Dumgoyne. I wasn’t really intending to practice my scrambling today but it was fun. From the top of Dumgoyne it was down the planned trail and over to Earls Seat. Without having visibility is made it seem a very long way although the way back was super quick. Luckily less rain this week meant it had dried out a bit (it wasn’t above ankles). We then detoured round towards Killearn to join the pipe track back to Blanefield. There were lots of lovely walkers who held the gates open for us, usually that’s a godsend but today I just kept thinking I wasn’t going to get my wee stop and rest whilst working out how to open the krypton factor gates. Run was 22km with debatable elevation… Strava says elevation was 862m but Beardy recorded  992m. I’m going for 992m and climbing a munro, my glutes definitely say I did!