26/03/23 – Thank you TriWorks for a fab Duathlon today at East Fortune race track. It was my first Duathlon of the year, first draft legal, first on a race track and first technically being a student (yes, with my crazy busy life I’ve added in doing a degree in business management Heriot-Watt. )

This was a sprint distance with 2 run laps, 9 bike laps then 1 run lap. All I can say is ‘the headwind!!!!’ On the bike I could hit over 40kmph but on the other side I was averaging 19kmph. I was hoping to get to draft but unfortunately the only group that were drafting snuck up behind me and zoomed past. After a few expletives trying to workout where they came from I tried to get onto their back wheels but no such luck.

I worked as hard as I could and managed to come in 8th overall, 3rd veteran and 3rd student. Homework is to work on cycling into wind.

I decided to stay and watch the other races and those from @glasgowtriclub but it was so cold so kept myself topped up with tea from the retro vans and Fuel10k bars.

Good learning before the standard Duathlon next week…..