05/11/2022 – Glen Ogle 33 (GO33) a fab 33mile ultra starting from Killin and heading mainly along National Cycle Route 7 and the Rob Roy Way to Strathyre.

I’ve never done this race but I’d heard fab things about it. Unfortunately the rain clouds decided to cry for the whole of the race so didn’t get to see as much of the stunning scenery as I’d liked.

The route….first thing to see was the spectacular Falls of Dochert in Killin. The route swiftly headed up into the hills with about 5km of climbing before descending down onto route 7 and over the Glen Ogle Viaduct. Next were the views over to Glen Earn which I could just see through the clouds we were running in. Eventually we reach Balquidder where Rob Roy MacGregor was buried. Along the way there was a random totem pole that said half way but half way to where?

Next up was (what felt like a long way) to the half way checkpoint and drop bags at Strathyre where the Shoogly Bridge really is shoogly. Munching a sandwich I headed up hill on the Rob Roy Way, then down and past the cheery spectators at Mhor 84 hotel back over the Glen Ogle Viaduct but not before the zig zag hill. This was a long uphill that my legs started to complain about. Luckily from here it was then a 4 mile downhill to the finish in Killin and a lap of the part before picking up my tiny medal (youngest said it’s because I’m small I got the one with the short ribbon). Complete in 5hrs 17min.

I tried to get lots of pics but the rain played havoc with my phone and it kept screen locking. So annoying! I ran most of the race with Emma, we met about 5km in and kept each other going through the highs and lows. All runners, volunteers and spectators were amazing and encouraging.

Unfortunately no rest for the wicked, after a quick cuppa (cakes looked amazing) I had to quickly through a Dry Robe on to keep me warm and head back to Bishopbriggs to watch my eldest in a swim comp. I made it just in time!