28/08/2022 – Mother and daughter racing today at the New Cumnock triathlon and aquathon. This is set at the open water New Cumnock Swimming Pool. Emily was first up in the aquathon, it was fast with 100m swim then 1.5km run but she smashed it in the T3 category and came in 4th female.

No pressure for me…I registered and realised I was in the fastest swim heat, those that know me know swimming is not my strongest. I think I might have put down my 400m time rather than 500m . What’s the worst that can happen? I was lapped pretty quickly, the ankle is still gubbed so was strapped and really couldn’t kick which made me even slower. I was last out the pool but that means I can only get better. Straight onto the bike and could start making up ground, I forgot how hilly the 15km bike section was but managed to start picking people off. Next up was the run, now I got to do what I like and run, it was two laps so could see where everyone else was. I made up a few more positions and came home in 58mins. My aim was for under 1hr so well chuffed. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the timing system so no-one knows the final positions. I’m happy and the reward of the amazing cake spread definitely makes this the best triathlon!

Update… results fixed and turns out I was 5th female.

Roll on 1 year later….

27/08/23  – This is our third time doing it and it is the best.

Emily was up first in the aquathon. 100m swim then 2km run. She was first out the pool and did a fab transition then hit the run. She did well and brought it home in 3rd place. Podium finish and lovely Equi’s Ice Cream as a prize.

Now my turn and no pressure, daughter came 3rd, stole my Glasgow Triathlon Club tri suit and made me wear my British Triathlon GB suit (I really felt like a numpty, I got it for Duathlon and not triathlon, my swimming is nowhere near good enough). Anyway, heat two for me. 500m swim and I wasn’t last out the pool, first time at this event, quick onto the bike with Emily shouting that I wasn’t last.

16km cycle with headwind out but meant tailwind back. Tried my VOOM Nutrition on the bike and it was good.

Quick transition onto the run (plus another Voom) then two laps done. Run felt good and I managed a nice rhythm. I had no idea how I’d done as there was a heat after me so got showered and then to the fabulous buffet. The buffet is a very good reason to do this race.

Friend then came in and said I was 3rd. I was shock and amazing. The pressure from Emily obviously worked. My aim has always been to get a podium here and three years later I’ve done it. Thank you ARRAN Naturals for the fab prize and Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club for brill event!