23/04/2022 – This is another local race for me. Registration was the night before at the Burnbrae pub. Can’t beat registering and having a pint at the same time and with wrist band on it was now official, I’m running. Also gave me a chance to look at the La Sportiva and Ultimate Direction kit for sale.

What a day! I had unfinished business with this race but settled that today. Last time I was supposed to do this in 2019 I had my accident two weeks before and was phoned by the race medic when I was lying in my hospital bed post op telling me I wasn’t running.

 Starting at 0600hrs from Milngavie the headed along the Official West Highland Way for a long way (a full 53miles to Tyndrum). The sun was shining which made it a wee bit too hot… hottest day of the year at 21 degrees. The views were amazing and loved running along the side of Loch Lomond. I got to practice being a mountain goat although think parkour would have been a better skill. Coming out of Beinglas I crossed the bridge in memory of John Kynaston and it brought me to tears, an amazing guy gone too soon but a fitting tribute. Next was the Falls of Falloch, I was so tempted to climb down and get in to cool down but it would have needed effort that I didn’t have. Bogle Glen was the final checkpoint with only the rollercoaster to go. I’d done so well to this point managing to stay upright but unfortunately a rock decided not to move and I went flying in the trees. The final stretch in sight and I loved hearing the piper. Always brings a tear to my eye.  Turned the corner and onto the red carpet. What an amazing feeling running down the carpet, seeing my family and crossing the finish. Job done! Shower time and as usual I didn’t know I’d chaffed until the water hit my back, ouch! Food was great and then back to the La Sportiva shop to buy the things I’d been eyeing up the night before.

Next was the long drive back. What a different experience, last time I did this in 2018 I stopped twice on the way back to be sick. This time I was driving and the only stop was at McDonalds for more food.

I loved seeing friends from Glasgow Triathlon Club and Westerlands Cross Country Club taking part, others helping along the route and chatting to lots of runners I met. Big shout out to all the amazing volunteers 👏.

Result…. 11hrs 12 min (1hr 44min faster than 2018), 84th overall, 15th female and 9th female V40.