13/11/2022 – Bellahouston Road Runners – Jimmy Irvine 10km

What a stunning day for a race, definitely not the normal November weather. With Emily swimming at Tollcross I was splitting my time between swimming and running. I watched her first race then jumped in the van over to Bellahouston. Registration was at the local school and I was juggling getting my number whilst watching her next race on livestream. Temptation was everywhere with all the cakes laid out in the hall for post race. Slight issue was that they’d run out of safety pins. I have an abundance of them at home in groups of 4 but none in the van (I do now) but luckily a kind runner gave me some.

To get to the start I had to walk through the park. The sun was shining down and it looked very autumnal. By now the nerves were really setting in. I don’t normally get too nervous but today I was. I think it was because I’ve not run a real road 10km in a very long time and there were lots of speedy looking club runners about. I caught up with my Glasgow Triathlon Club (SC049778) mates at the start for a wee pic then we separated into our predicted time waves. Bang, we have started and my watch has managed to loose the satellites. Frantic watch button pressing whilst running up hill. Eventually got it to work but it didn’t record the full 10km.

The course was a fast one with two loops of the park, ups and downs, round corners and not much mud. Volunteers and spectators so encouraging. Annoyingly watch didn’t beep at the right times but I just used the distance markers and tried to do sums in my head. Given I’d run GO33 last week my little legs weren’t sure what had hit them with he speed work but they kept going.

Pretty quickly the finish was upon us. Water, Tunnock’s caramel wafer and a cool new technical tshirt in hand. Breath back, text message with my result and I’m happy. Finally back to the hall to eat some of those amazing cakes I’d been thinking about all the way round.

Now I’m back at Tollcross watching swimming and writing this whilst sporting my new top.

So, how’d I do? I got a PB with 43:32, 17th female and 4th FV40.