23/10/22 – Race report for The Dunky. This was a quality 7.5km race round Mugdock Country Park organised by Acorn Trails. It is great for all abilities as isn’t a technical trail race but still brings mud, two castles, one Loch, gunning placements and views over the city. Not to mention Tunnock’s caramel wafers and a finish just next to the tea room and play park. The volunteers were all super friendly and took some amazing pics (thank you and I’ve ‘borrowed’ a few).

So, how did I do? I was debating whether to run or volunteer all the way to the start. Those who heard me knew I wasn’t healthy as have a really chesty cough. I always say to folk if it is head up run but if below that to rest up, again I didn’t listen to myself. I also felt the pressure as won the race last year. I started fast but lungs really hated me. As I passed Mugdock Loch I was overtaken but 2 females and knew my chances of keeping the title were gone. The uphill of the Khyber pass is always deceptive and didn’t disappoint. As I neared the end of lap 1 I was contemplating stopping as felt rough but what’s another 3km to go? Luckily another runner started chatting and got be though a bit more. Some cheering from volunteers helped to spur me on back up the Khyber pass again and by now I knew it wasn’t far to the end. Crossing the finish line at 33min 42 sec and 1min faster than last year I knew I had given my all. 3rd female and well chuffed. Caramel wafer devoured and then time to cheer on the other runners. Lovely to see friends from my own group, Westerlands Cross Country Club and Glasgow Triathlon Club (SC049778)