21/01/2023 – Fab morning out with the crew checking out the Three Lochs route at Aberfoyle. This is a point to point just off the Dukes Pass so I decided I wanted some extra km so parked and the end and ran to the start. Gordie joined me for this, we headed out in the dark so amazing start running by head torch through the snowy forestry paths up to meet the main group (plus we ticked off 10km extra). Unfortunately this bit involved quite a lot of climbing and definitely woke the legs up. Luckily what goes up must come down so as soon as we set off from the ‘start’ carpark we were on the downhill. First Loch is the frozen small Lochan Reoidhte. Next we meandered our way round to Loch Drunkie. It was beautiful and frozen round the edges. The snow was still falling and we crunched our way along the path towards Loch Achry. Before the Loch I had a deja vu moment as I remember running this little section when doing to Loch Venachar loop. The farm is the junction for that loop. Today we stayed on the main drive and headed past Loch Achry, the campsite and a lovely frozen stream. Soon we popped out at the exit carpark where I’d left my van. 20km ticked off for me with the shorter group doing 10.5km. Warm clothes on, everyone bundled in and dropped them back at the start. The Three Lochs Drive is an actual drive you can do in the car when it is open, it’s stunning and picturesque. Definitely recommend.

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