MILLPORT – COSY CORNER / FINTRY / FARLAND POINT 28/12/22 – It’s so great to be back on my favourite little island (Cumbrae) where Millport is the only town. Tilly and I headed out for 11.5k run this morning. Starting at Cosy Corner we headed anti clockwise to Fintry passing the war memorial. Fintry has a lovely beach and great tea room and is ideal for refuelling when cycling round the island. Over the hill and past my Nana’s rock, where I stopped to wish her a merry Christmas, we were back at Millport golf course. Usually I’ll venture up to the reservoirs at the golf course but not today. Next it was through the Cathedral grounds, passing the fairy trail and over to Kames Bay. Tilly had a wee paddle in the boating pond then it was along too Farland Point for a wee loop. Now about turn and back to the beginning along the promenade via the Crocodile Rock. Lovely run and compete before the rain comes in. Tilly managed to photobomb most of my pics. Ambien Ordering Can You Buy Zolpidem In Mexico Buy Ambien In Mexico