03/12/22 10km this morning with some of the crew up Meikle Binn from Crow Rd. This is always an up and down. Parking isn’t an official carpark but there is enough room at the forestry track entrance near the ‘Welcome to Stirling’ sign. We stuck to the forestry track for about 3km before veering right. I was so sad that the lovely little Christmas tree path has been replaced with more track 😞. At the end we needed to cross a boggy bit and then head into the trees. Through the trees and we popped out in the valley. Down, across the stream them back up the other side keeping the trees to our left. At the top we hit the forestry track and turned left and then right at the Meikle Binn sign. It was then the up to the top via the aircraft wreckage. Views from the trig were stunning. Much better views than the cloud I had yesterday. Next was the reverse. I’ve worked out running downhill with Tilly is quite hard. Today her nose was on form and she was following all the scents dragging me behind. I was on swimming live stream so watching Emily’s races as I went and messaging her. Now home and back to wash dog, housework, nativity rehearsals and swimming watching/collection. These runs definitely help keep me sane.