18/03/23 – Ahhh, back home. Fab run from Maidens, through Culzean Castle and Country Park, up Mochrum hill and back round Culzean. 17.5km and 360m elevation. Starting in Maidens (where ‘home’ is) I headed along the beach and up the steps into Culzean. There are so many paths to choose from, but I went left and along the cliff until I came to the swan pond. Quick clockwise loop of the swan pond then across the road and over towards Happy Valley via the Lion gates. I also found a wicker bird (one of the many fab wicker sculptures) at a pond I didn’t know existed. Now I’ve spent most of my life playing in this park and I still find new things. I then skirted round the top of the deer (and alpaca) park and up the fire track eventually making my way to the main entrance of the park.

 Across the main road and up the forestry track until I came to Camp David hut(anyone know what this hut is?). Left turn, up past the shooting platforms and soon at the trig on Mochrum hill. A good view across Ayrshire but Ailsa Craig and Arran were hiding behind the clouds. Down along the tracks, through the trees and eventually back to the main road crossing.

Now time for the muddy trail and I headed back into Culzean. I went wide and down until I hit the beach. I’d kept my feet dry until this point but the streams and seaweed soon changed that. Across sand and rocks until I made it to the Gas House. Up the steps to Culzean Castle, passing the cannons and back to the path to the swan pond. Since I didn’t have the children with me, I didn’t need to the amazing play park although I was tempted. Wee deviation for the cliff walk and eventually back to the pond. Up past the Monkey house and through the woods back to Maidens beach.