GLENIFFER BRAES 07/01/23 – On tour today with the crew as we crossed the water to Gleniffer Braes. I always remember John Kynaston talking about all his runs on the Braes and always wanted to try them out. Luckily Gordie knew the route so led the run. Starting at the car park we went up and down lots of trails, turns out what goes down must go up. We found highland cows. I love them but not everyone did. We bumped into a fellow Highland Flinger so had a bit of Fling chat. We went past some golf courses, found some cup and ring marks in the stone, a random tree with a rope swing (I was the only crazy one that had a shot), back to the cow field where I managed to slip on a rock crossing some muddy cow poo water and found myself lying in it, after much laughing at me I was helped out, I had to tip the water out of my glove. Final section was past Paisley golf course and back to the van. The weather changed at this point and heavens opened. Luckily I had a change of clothes so into the back of the van to change out of cow poo wet clothes and into something slightly cleaner. Everyone then piled in for a hot drink and shortbread. From a betting perspective turns out at the start of the run I was 30/1 for an accident, went to 16/1 after the rope swing and then 2/1 after the cow poo incident. You can always count on me to fall. 15.2km done.

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