23/7/22 – Today I was sweeper for the 2nd half of the Clyde Stride Ultra Marathon. My friends at Acorn Trails asked if I could assist so I volunteered for sweeping (and not with a brush). I’ve never swept before so it was lovely chatting to the runners and marshals whilst also taking down all the arrows as I went. My ingenuity was attaching a food bag to my vest to put them all in and it worked a treat.

My day started off driving to Lanark then jumping on the train up to Motherwell where I started my sweeping (Strathclyde Park). The top part of the race is from Partick to here. This is a great route if you want to do point to point as the train can pick you up and both locations.

The route was beautiful along the undulating Clyde Walkway running along the banks of the river Clyde. Trails, river rapids, undergrowth with nettles bigger than me, steps, boardwalks, trees, bridges and not forgetting the animals – sheep, cows, dogs, swans, heron, lamas, ostriches and other animals at Clyde Valley Family Park, stone ladybirds and finally dinosaurs at New Lanark World Heritage Site. I can’t believe I’ve never been to New Lanark, it’s stunning and I need to go back and investigate.

Well done everyone who took part, great run, great route and definitely one to race in the future!