Tramadol Orders 20/08/23 – We are the Glasgow Triathlon Club Nifty Vixens of Aberfeldy Multi-Sport Festival Middle Distance Triathlon relay team today. With Mary swimming, Vicky cycling and me running we all had the elements we liked. No chance I was swimming! The 1.9km swim started at 0645 at Loch Tay and Mary did a fab job. The water was lovely and calm, just perfect for the midges to be up early and eating everyone. My role was to hold the Crocs and get the tea. Turns out crocs are good cup holders. Quick timing chip handover and Vicky then headed out on a 90km with some big climbs!


Whilst she was on the bike we headed back to our bothy in the sky for breakfast and a change (I stupidly didn’t realise that we needed to be at the event the day before to register. Very last minute I managed to find a bothy just outside Aberfeldy for Mary and I to stay in. It was 300m up with spectacular views, home from home facilities in the pod, firepit and a imply amazing find). After 1hr we got a call from Vicky, she’d come across an injured cyclist, we called race control and once all ok she was back on her way.

https://fotballsonen.com/2024/03/07/9foncidh6 After a couple of hours we headed down to T2 transition, the issue was we didn’t know exactly when Vicky would be in. It made the nervous toilet trips quite hard. Eventually I couldn’t risk it. My luck would be her coming in and I was in a portaloo. Suddenly she appeared, a shout so she could see the relay handover location, bike racked and chip passed. Now my turn to run 21km on the dreaded road. The course was lovely along the River Tay. It had a few inclines and scouts out doing the water stops. I felt really bad running passed those doing the full race so kept having to say that I was a relay runner. It was a fast run with a little sprint finish. Team back together and turns out we were 3rd female relay team. So many fellow Glasgow Triathlon Club members taking part. Everyone did so well! Great event.